Cashmere Wristwarmer - Stream


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Brand Kapeka

The Kapeka Mahana Cashmere glovelets are a must-have for the upcoming winter. Designed with luxury, comfort and practicality in mind. 
The fingerless glovelet's leave you to be able to get things done while the cashmere keeps your hands ultra-warm.


Mahana Cashmere is Kapeka's own unique cashmere blend. They combine the luxury of cashmere with the beauty and functionality of super-fine merino wool and possum down. This perfect combination creates ultra-soft, ultra-light garments that are resistant to piling and knitwear that wears well.  The down fibres from possum fur are extremely light, fine and insulating, providing warmth without weight.


Composition: 40% Cashmere, 40% Super-fine Merino, 20% Possum down


Made with conscious care in New Zealand