Tealight Candle


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Brand Mo And Mel

Each tealight is hand poured into 100% flame retardant polycarbonate cups that are non toxic, recyclable and safe for the environment. These are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than your average tealight, especially because the candle light glows through the vessel.

Lotus & Bamboo:


Also known as 'flower bamboo', lotus bamboo is known for its good fortune and of course detoxifying the air.

This subtle aroma is inspired by nature in its organic form to transform any space into a relaxing environment. 

With notes of sandalwood, cedar, floral, sweet fruit and vanilla. 


Wild Honeysuckle:

A classic honeysuckle bouquet, promises a fresh and subtle scent during each burn. 

With notes of honeysuckle, sweet lily and jasmine, with hints of sandalwood and musk. 


Coconut & Vanilla:

A scent inspired by the island tropics, this exotic blend of creamy coconut and warm french vanilla will create a sense of vacation in any space.

With notes of coconut cream, vanilla beans and nuts.