SUPER STAY LINER - Essential Black


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Brand Wunder2

SUPER-STAY LINER is the ultimate, highly pigmented pencil that goes on creamy and sets into a waterproof and transfer-proof look that lasts from morning till night while remaining comfortable. 

This gliding, creamy pencil eyeliner is easy to apply and lasts all day! Choose from Essential, Metallic or Glitter finishes and a wide variety of colors to get just the look you're going for. Each finish is highly pigmented and waterproof, lasting through your day no matter what it holds. Whether the look you are going for is simple or a little more dramatic, there’s a SUPER-STAY LINER for every possible moment.


  • Step 1. Place the tip of the liner as close to your lash line as possible, starting at the middle of the lashline and working outward toward the temple.
  • Step 2. Extend the lashline in either direction to achieve the look you're going for, blending quickly with your fingers for a softer or smokier look.