UNFURL - Eau de Parfum


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Brand Ode To Sélf

Ode to Sélf's beloved Unfurl has been transformed into their very first eau de parfum. Aged in natural sugar-cane alcohol for a minimum of three months, they have created a truly special and genuine spray perfume.

AROMA / White florals, musk, vanilla, soft wood, Italian lemon
INTENTION / Openness, self-acceptance

Bursting with white florals, balanced with a touch of citrus and grounded with heavenly notes of vanilla and musk, Unfurl is a soft yet sensual scent, taking you from day to night.

Unfurl embodies a scent that inspires openness and acceptance; a reminder to encourage acceptance of one’s self, allowing for self-growth and discovery. Allow Unfurl to be an olfactory vessel to help you unfurl into the truest version of you.


30 ml / 1 fl.oz