Jewellery Care 


General Care 

- Avoid wearing jewellery while engaging in any activity which could scratch, knock, or damage it, such as: cooking, cleaning, gardening, swimming/showering and particularly sporting activities. Special care is needed for hollow items as they may dent under impact or pressure

- Avoid sleeping in your jewellery. 

- Avoid contact with water, ensure your jewellery is removed before bathing or swimming. 

- Avoid contact with perfume and lotions, apply these and ensure they have dried down before putting your jewellery on. 

- Keep your jewellery away from chemicals, particularly Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach). If it does come into contact with chemicals, rinse it in water immediately.

When storing jewellery, store separately, ideally in a pouch or a soft lined box, to avoid pieces tangling or scratching each other. Keep your pieces  away from sunlight, excessive heat or damp conditions

- If you notice any gemstones moving, have your piece inspected and/or repaired immediately to avoid any further damage or loss of stones.


Sterling Silver 

Silver jewellery with no gemstones or pearls can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Completely dry with a soft lint free, or nonabrasive cloth before storing. If your jewellery requires more cleaning try a polish specifically for silver like Silvo.

Silver can oxidise causing a dark tarnished appearance when in contact with certain checmicals. Avoid contact with cosmetics and ensure to avoid wearing silver in thermal hot springs and chlorinated water as they can cause severe tarnishing.



Pearls are particularly vulnerable to degradation upon exposure to acidic substances. Pearls should be kept free of perfumes, cosmetics, persperation and dirt. Bathe and apply any lotions or perfumes before you put your jewellery on.

Pearls should be gently cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. 


Pearls in particular should be kept separately as they are easily scratched by hard gemstones or metals. 

If your pearls are strung on silk avoid exposure to water as this will cause the silk to stretch and weaken over time. 

Show you pearls love by wearing them regularly; pearls need moisture in order to maintain their luster and structural integrity. They’ll get all the moisture they need by absorbing the moisture and oils from your skin.

Avoid storing pearls in airtight or plastic containers as this will deprive them of environmental moisture which can cause them to dry out and crack - they are best kept in a soft cloth pouch. 


Solid Gold 

Gold is a soft metal, solid gold jewellery is susceptible to scratching and denting - remove any gold jewellery before engaging in any high-contact or rough activities e.g. sports or cleaning.  

Avoid contact with chlorine and other abrasive chemicals. Chlorine exposure over time will weaken the structure of gold and may lead to breaks - take any gold jewellery off before entering a pool, spa, or before using cleaning products. 

To clean, soak your jewellery in warm water and mild dish soap for 5-10 minutes, gently brush with a soft bristle brush. Rinse with clean water and dry and polish with a soft cloth. 


Gold Plate 

Gold plated jewellery is often sterling silver or steel, which has been plated in a layer of gold.

Gold plating will wear off over time, this will be exacerbated with wear and chemical exposure. 

Avoid wearing gold plate jewellery while engaging in physical activity and while sleeping to avoid unnecessary rubbing of the plating. The plating on gold plated rings will typically wear faster than on gold plated earrings or necklaces, due to where the item is worn on the body and the surfaces the jewellery encounters during wear. It is best to keep gold plated rings for occasional use. 

Avoiding contact with chlorinated water and other chemicals and allowing cosmetics and perfumes to dry before putting on your jewellery, will help to prolong the the appearance of the plating.

When you’re not wearing your pieces, store them in a dark, dry place away from moisture or pollutants. Over time, the sun and environmental aggressors can dull the shine of the plate and cause it to deteriorate.



Costume jewellery requires extra care to maintain its lustre. 

Avoid any contact between costume jewellery and water. Remove your pieces before showering and swimming. Clean only with a soft microfibre cloth - do not clean with water, soap, or any other detergent. 

Minimise exposure to sunlight, moisture, and chemicals, including body lotions, cosmetics, and perfume.