Established in 2006, and grounded in a very 90s commitment to authenticity, Meadowlark creates beautiful, meaningful jewellery for self-possessed women and men. Tiny artworks, made with integrity, to be cherished forever.

Artist couple Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont design everything together, considering every angle of every piece, finding beauty in overlooked materials or concepts, and striving to make something both intimate and everlasting. It’s a process of constant renewal, grounded in creative freedom and the courage of intuition, influenced by art, fashion, and the pair’s background in streetwear design and skate culture.

Meadowlark’s radiant, high quality pieces are primarily made to order in our New Zealand atelier. Handcrafted from luxurious metals and precious & semi-precious gemstones. They are sturdily constructed, and comfortable to wear.

Their strikingly original adornments are loved by some of the world’s most free-spirited and original performers, including Lorde, Rihanna, Aldous Harding, Zoe Kravitz, Grimes and FKA Twigs.




A note from Meadowlark on their core values:

At its core, Meadowlark is an experimental space where new ideas can be conceived and developed together, and boundaries can be pushed.

Meadowlark Jewellery is committed to being part of a sustainable future. Our aim is to create beautiful, meaningful jewellery that is everlasting, while staying true to our core values of quality, respect, integrity and freedom of expression. These values form the foundation of our business and guide us in all our decisions. We know that sustainability challenges are complex. We are committed to tackling these challenges, and strive to ensure we always operate with respect for all people and the planet at the forefront of our minds.

Our belief in creating forever pieces is reflected in both our intentional process, and our repair and service policy on all pieces. We believe in only producing on demand rather than creating excess product, and therefore make most of our jewellery to order. Working by this principle allows us to offer a diverse selection of styles and sizes, while avoiding the overproduction and waste visible within the apparel & accessories industry.

We source the majority of our precious metals from recycled sources within the Australasian jewellery industry. They are derived from 'scrap' metal unused or damaged metals discarded during jewellery manufacture, which are refined and used once again as new. Alluvial gold from the South Island of New Zealand is another significant source of gold. 

We work with a small select group of diamond suppliers who provide conflict free stones. Our stones come from mines that strive to meet our commitment to environmental responsibility, fair work conditions, and human rights. We aim to use reclaimed diamonds where possible. The use of reclaimed stones allows us to source rare and precious gems which are already in existence, thereby reducing the industry’s reliance on environmentally damaging mining practices.

Our jewellery is predominantly handcrafted in our local workroom, where workshop and office staff work closely together in a conjoined space. Our team are an integral part of our business and we maintain a supportive culture where everyone feels valued, empowered, and comfortable bringing their real self to work. We openly share ideas and resources to make our day to day operations more efficient, and actively minimize our waste.  We run on renewable energy and use FSC certified paper for our look books and tissue, recycle all our metal waste, and run recycling and composting programs to reduce our office waste.