Finding your Videris bra size is easier than fitting a traditional bra. The soft-cup styles are underwire-free and flexible in fit, making it easier for you to find comfort and support in one of five sizes by taking 2 easy measurements.

  • To measure your underband, wrap the measuring tape firmly around the area right under the breasts.
  • To measure your bust, wrap the measuring tape firmly around your bust over the nipples.
  • When choosing your size, prioritise the underband measurement. The underband needs to be firm fitting around the chest to give support. If it’s too loose the bra will lift off your chest at the centre and ride up at the back.
  • Considering our breasts fluctuate in size, the bust size isn’t as important as the underband. The stretch TENCEL™ will accommodate your natural changes.
  • If you find that your measurements fall into two size categories, prioritise the underband measurement and check where your traditional underwire size falls into in our size chart.