Classic - BLUNT x FLOX


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Brand Blunt

Created as part of the Neo Tropica 2023 collection, the limited edition BLUNT x FLOX is reminiscent of a
luscious rainforest canopy. Two fruit doves nestle themselves amongst a refreshing palette of tropical flora
and rich greenery.


Inspired by tradition, designed for the future. The original full-length BLUNT Classic is ideal for those who need impromptu protection in a serious downpour – whether en route to work, school or walking the dog.


When rain clouds threaten, and you have places to be, carry the Classic. Offering full coverage in refined style, the Classic protects against wind, rain and shine, and tucks comfortably under your arm when there's a break in the weather.


Use: The Classic’s high-tensioned canopy provides full comfort and shelter, even in day-long downpours.

Coverage: 120cm across to serious protection for one or enough for two.