Dog Jacket - Park Green


Brand Blunt

Perfectly paired, the new BLUNT Parks & Puddles dog jacket and matching umbrella ensures a stylish and coordinated look this winter. 

Crafted with both fashion and functionality in mind, this dog jacket is designed to keep your canine companion comfy during those chilly walks.

Featuring fuzzy fleece lining, a velcro adjustable chest strap and tip pockets to store poop bags, the jacket is available in three sizes to cater to all our four-legged pals.

Can be used with a collar or harness
Full Body Length with a fold down collar.

Small Coat - Perfect for Pugs, Mini-Schnauzers and Terriers alike
+ Foldable Collar: 100mm
Neck Circumference: 250mm-430mm
Chest Circumference: 470mm-580mm
Medium Coat - Perfect for Beagles, Bulldogs and Border Collies alike
+ Foldable Collar: 100mm
Neck Circumference: 430mm-660mm
Chest Circumference: 580mm-840mm
Large Coat - Perfect for Labradors, Retrievers and Australian Cattle dogs alike
+ Foldable Collar: 100mm
Neck Circumference: 490mm-700mm
Chest Circumference: 660mm-850mm