Hamilton - Espresso


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Brand Nooan

Hamilton collection is light weight and perfect for sneakers and urban footwear.

Knitted from premium merino wool and possum yarn which are used exclusively for luxurious brands, Hamilton socks are like the second skin, providing the sensation which you won't get from cotton and nylon socks.

nooan socks are easy to care for. They can be machine washed and tumble dried.  The socks will shrink a bit after tumble drying but won't impact fitting.  It will instantly stretch back to its original size once you wear it!

All of raw materials used in the yarns are ethically, humanely and responsibly sourced by carefully selected suppliers.

Size guide

S | EU 35-37.5 | US 5-7 | UK 2.5-4.5

M | EU 38-40 | US 7.5-9 | UK 5-6.5