UNFURL - Perfume Oil


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Brand Ode To Sélf

AROMA / White florals, musk, vanilla, soft wood, Italian lemon
INTENTION / Openness, self-acceptance

Bursting with white florals, balanced with a touch of citrus and grounded with heavenly notes of vanilla and musk, Unfurl is a soft yet sensual scent, taking you from day to night.

Unfurl embodies a scent that inspires openness and acceptance; a reminder to encourage acceptance of one’s self, allowing for self-growth and discovery. Allow Unfurl to be an olfactory vessel to help you unfurl into the truest version of you.

Top notes of lemon grapefruit. Heart notes of linden blossom and osmanthus. Base notes of ambrette, vanilla and amyris.



A R O M A / White florals, musk, vanilla, sweet wood, citrus

I N T E N T I O N / to encourage openness and acceptance of one's self, allowing for self-discovery and growth

I N G R E D I E N T S / vanilla oleoresin, absolutes (ambrette, osmanthus, linden blossom), essential oils (amyris, pink grapefruit, lemon), and organic fractionated coconut oil.